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Using Monofilament Line On Spinning Reels

   One of the toughest things about fishing has nothing to do with casting, lure selection, or setting the hook. Rather, it's in learning the proper way to spool new line onto your reel. Many anglers blame lack of casting accuracy or distance on poor technique, wind, or some other uncontrollable factor.

   Often the trouble is caused by either improper loading of the line onto the different types of reels or not loading the reel to the full line capacity. Line twist is the big problem for most anglers who load their own reels. The solution depends on what kind of reel your filling. When filling spin casting or open-faced spinning reels, you must allow for the rotation of the pick-up bail. Place the supply spool on the floor or any flat surface. The line should balloon or spiral off the spool as you pull up.

   Thread line through the rod guides, then hold the rod tip three to four feet above the feed spool. Make 15 to 20 turns on the reel handle then stop. Now check for line twist by reducing the tension on the line. Always apply light pressure to the line when spooling any reel. Do this by holding the line between your thumb and forefinger with your free hand.

   Finally, fill the reel to within an eighth of an inch from the lip of the reel spool. If you under fill, you'll lose distance and control on your casts. If you overfill, the line may come off the reel in a tangle. One other problem with freshly spooled line is that it tends to "fluff" or push outward on the reel spool. This is because the diameter of the supply spool is usually greater than that of the reel spool. The nylon line has taken a "set" on the factory spool and it tries to return to the same size spirals on your reel.

   If you fish almost every weekend, you may want to change your line a least once during the fishing season. However, for most anglers they will not need to change their line during the season. Keep the line out of hot cars and away from the sun's rays. In fact, it is best to keep your rod and reel in the house during the hot/humid days of summer.





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