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Stocking Striped Bass
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On Lake Ouachita

  The Lake Ouachita Striped Bass population is maintained only by the continued professional monitoring and stocking by our local game and fish hatchery. Through growth rate surveys on Striped Bass, baitfish density studies on Lake Ouachita, and other in-depth studies, they determine the quantity of stripers to stock in Lake Ouachita each year.

  Their efforts have made Lake Ouachita an excellent fishery for all species of game fish. Yet, more importantly to Striper fisherman, Lake Ouachita has become the Trophy Striped Bass Capital of the country. Consistently yielding large numbers of trophy class striped bass each year.

Future Lake Ouachita Trophy Striped Bass

  Striped Bass are raised locally at our own Andrew Hulsey Fish Hatchery in Hot Springs, AR. Lake Ouachita is the main brood stock source for Arkansas as well as several other states when it comes to producing top quality trophy striped bass.

Striped Bass Fingerlings

  Fingerling stripers are (above photos) stocked into Lake Ouachita twenty to fifty thousand at a time at various locations around the lake. Our Game and Fish biologists determine the locations and quantity each will receive based upon their extensive studies and monitoring of Lake Ouachita.

(Striped Bass Fingerling Photos Courtesy of Arkansas Game and Fish)





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