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Battle of the Basses
By Randy Zellers

Largemouth, spotted and smallmouth bass are top-level predators in Arkansas waters. When striped bass, a new, larger predator, was introduced to a lake, many anglers worried that the black bass would be history. But both basses can flourish without affecting each other.
     According to Mike Armstrong, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission chief of fisheries management, the striper is an open-water fish that rarely relates to any sort of shoreline cover. While black bass prefer ambushing prey from cover, stripers swim the lake looking for schools of shad that eat plankton. And with the vast, open water of Arkansas’s large reservoirs, there’s plenty of room for both predators.
     “Any time we add a species to a body of water, we monitor it closely for any impact,” said Mark Oliver, AGFC assistant chief of fisheries management. “We don’t want to do anything that will damage our fisheries or their ability to produce black bass, our most popular sport fish. Because stripers can’t reproduce naturally in our lakes, if we see anything bad, we can adjust stocking rates to manage the lakes.”

 Dinner Plans

The stripers’ impact on a lake’s food supply is a concern for anglers. It doesn’t take a genius to realize a 30- to 40-pound fish needs lots of food to survive. According to biologists, there’s no need to panic.
     Photo Courtesy Of Bill Lindner Photography“Stripers eat shad,” Oliver said. “Bass and other species will eat shad, but they also eat smaller sunfish, crayfish and other food sources found near the shore.”
     Armstrong further explained the striper diet. “When we have a shad kill, the stripers will starve out because they can’t adapt to the warmer, shallow water where the rest of the food lives.”
     A study done on Tennessee’s Norris Reservoir in 1998 confirmed this. Mississippi State University fisheries biologists assessed that even when shad were decimated from a winter kill, the removal of stripers from the reservoir increased other game-fish populations by a scant 3 percent.

Bass Buffet

Anglers also worry that stripers are eating native game fish, including crappie and black bass. While no one denies that a bass or two may have fallen victim to the thousands of stripers in open water, biologists stress the two species’ habitats are so different that there’s no noticeable impact of stripers on the bass population.
     “It’s the nature of being a fish,” Armstrong said. “Big fish eat smaller fish, whether it’s a striper, crappie, bass or catfish. But stripers and black bass don’t share the same territory. I’m sure a few small bass have roamed out into open water and been eaten by a striper, but stripers don’t move into the cover-laden habitat near the shore that bass dominate. The reason we stock stripers is to take advantage of open water in the middle of our lakes no other species could use.”
     To ensure healthy fisheries, biologists sample the striper population annually, looking at the condition of fish and what they’re eating.
     “In 30 years and thousands of stripers sampled, I’ve seen two black bass in the stomachs of striped bass,” Oliver said.
     According to Oliver and Armstrong, the biggest predator of black bass is larger black bass. Any angler will tell you that largemouth will eat pretty much anything they can swallow, and their fingerling-sized cousins aren’t off the menu.


This article was originally featured in the March/April 2008 issue of Arkansas Wildlife magazine.
To subscribe or learn more about the magazine, contact the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission,
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Thanks to Bill Lindner Photography for reprint
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